Monday, June 25, 2012

MRI Results...

I had my MRI this am and everything went off without a hitch, except for my "deep breathing" during the scan which caused a little delay (Note - don't deep breathe during the scan because the technician will think you are extremely fatigued and then you will have to do the whole sequence over - ooppss). I received 3 cds' and a promise from the technician that I would receive a call within the next 24-48 hours when my report is ready. I explained my surgery was Thursday, so my Drs' were quite anxious to get the results (ok.ok. I was probably just as anxious if not moreso than the Drs'.) The tech explained Dr Chiantella is usually hard on them and they will expedite the review and if it's not quick enough then she, Dr Chiantella, will access the system herself (I knew I loved this woman).

I received a call about 4:15.

Chiantella: Jennifer, your results are negative
Jennifer: What do you mean negative? Oh crap, did I mess up the scans from my deep breathing?
Chiantella: ummm...noooo....It's negative. Normal.
Jennifer: Really? Like Normal?
Chiantella: Well, I haven't seen them yet and am anxious to see this myself, but your left breast is completely normal.
Jennifer: What about my lymph nodes?
Chiantella: Normal, too.
Jennifer: Wow..I don't know what to say
Chaintella: How about ecstatically happy because I am ecstatically happy for you.
Jennifer: Oh I am ecstatically happy, don't get me wrong!
Chiantella: (laughing) Jennifer, you really kicked some cancer butt
Jennifer: I did, didn't I?
Chiantella: So, we are good to go with the lumpectomy followed by radiation. The only glitch which isn't a glitch is that I need the radiologist to insert a wire into your breast that will help me navigate to the tissue surrounding your marker when I do the lumpectomy. I hope to have an answer by tomorrow when you can be scheduled, but your surgery is still on for Thursday as of right now. In the future, if the cancer would return to the breast which I don't foresee this happening then we will do extensive surgery, but right now this is all you need.
Jennifer: Ok. Sounds good. Well what about antibiotics..special soap?
Chiantella: Nothing. You don't have to do any of that. You will be in the recovery room for about 2 hours after surgery and then you can go home.
Jennifer: Wow. Ok...Are you sure?
Chiantella: Yep. Positive.

This was the jist of our conversation. I's crazy. I am sooo thankful, blessed, grateful. I can go on and on and on. It all seems so unreal.

I will wait to hear from Dr Chiantella and crossing my fingers the surgery will be set for Thursday. I will have  radiation 4 weeks from Thursday. Right now, It's set for 6 weeks but I have yet to speak to the radiation oncologist (I actually have not met either, but both have already been studying my case). Dr Heyer mentioned a PET before radiation began, as well.

I will continue to keep everyone updated on surgery. I thank each and every one of you for the continued thoughts and prayers. Miracles do happen, I just never imagined it could happen to me.

God Bless.

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