Thursday, July 5, 2012

Surgery Update and Pathology Results

I apologize for the very long delay in posting, but we just got our power back this morning which has been out since Friday evening.

My lumpectomy was last Thursday and I was a little sore on Thursday and Friday, but began to feel back to normal on Saturday. There still is a lot of bruising, but every day it looks better. I have my follow-up with Dr. Chiantella tomorrow. I am tickled with the surgery, and her obvious precision with the knife, as there are no physical deformities of the breast. After radiation there may be a noticeable difference as the skin surrounding the breast will more than likely tighten and raise the breast up. If this is the case, Dr. Gottlieb will perform a lift on the right breast in an attempt to match the breasts.

Now for the best news! My pathology report came back as normal, which means no residual cells detected! I will have a PET scan within the next ten days to confirm no detectable cancer and then radiation will begin the end of July. Once radiation ends, then I will meet Dr. Heyer again to discuss next steps, which will most likely be one of the following:
  1. Continue to watch (PET scans every three months)
  2. Chemo (smaller dose of one of the drugs I had before called Taxotere, a derivative of Taxol)
  3. Chemo (a different type of chemotherapy drug)

I am waiting on the Reston Radiation Oncology office to confirm my appointment. I will either see Dr. Rosemary Altemus or Dr. Jefferson E. C. Moulds. They are both booked until the end of the month, but have participated in all the discussions and board reviews, so they are well aware of my situation. My appointment should be scheduled within the next week or two.

I pray and thank God every day for this miracle.

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