Wednesday, April 4, 2012

All's Going Well....

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give a quick update as many are wondering how I am doing. Well, I am happy to say all is still going well and I pray this continues. My fourth round of chemo is scheduled for next Wednesday then only two more to go.

I did get a cold last week which has turned into a sinus infection. I usually get sinus infections during this time of year, so it's nothing uncommon. I called Jessica, Dr. Heyer's PA, and told her about it. She called in an antibiotic for me. I have taken three pills and already feel a lot better.

Of course, I religiously see Dr. Durana, my acupuncturist, twice a week. We have been doing different things and talking a lot more. A few weeks ago, we had a deep conversation about my past since a point in my body triggered physical pain. It appears this point holds many emotions - specifically trust issues. Needless to say, it was an intense session. On Tuesday, Carlos did yell at me. I have been sick and so has Camilla so I was tired, but I honestly do not feel I am overexerting myself. Anyhow, I fell asleep on the table and started snoring (snicker all you want). A couple of things to note here:
  1. I am NOT a snorer, but I was very congested.
  2. I only woke up because of my snoring.
When I woke up, I tried to play it off and hoped he didn't notice. Perhaps I had only imagined that I was snoring. He said nothing until at the end when he pointed at me and said "YOU need to rest." I was a bit stunned and then he started his "talk." I was honest with him about how I felt that I haven't been my normal "110% - GO GO GO IT'S TAX SEASON AND I ONLY GET LITERALLY 2 HOURS OF SLEEP A NIGHT" self but did confess I hadn't slept well because I have had a lot on my mind and ran down the list
  1. I thought it was a great idea to tear up my back deck and now I have a mud pit in my backyard and have no idea what to do and I am stressed on many levels - such as "How the heck do I grade dirt?" "How the heck am I ever going to get dirt in the backyard?" even more "How in the heck do I measure how much dirt I need?" "What the heck am I going to plant?" "What the heck is that concrete block there for?"and the list goes on ...
  2. Camilla's birthday is quickly approaching and she will be one. I told myself when I started planning the details of her party that I was not going to be my normal type A detailed self.Yes, that lasted literally two minutes. I turned into my normal spreadsheet whore and went to town. Also, I decided that I was indeed crafty and will be making all kinds of things for her birthday party. If you know me well..I am not crafty. I have never done a craft in my life, but that is going to change everyone. I have plans to become Martha Stewart overnight. ;)
  3. I am a tax accountant and this is my busy time of year. Ernst & Young, my employer, has been UNBELIEVABLY understanding. However, I still have work to do!!! I am not stressed about work, but it is on my mind.
  4. Camilla has had a chronic ear infection since mid-February and, obviously, this worries me. I want her to feel better and don't want her to have surgery for tubes. We are being referred to an ENT doctor to see what he/she recommends. 
  5. Cancer. Enough said.
On a separate note, I do want to personally say thank you to everyone that has helped me by praying, sending meals, visiting, sending cards, donating to the fundraisers or assisting with the fundraisers. 

I am NOT one to ask for help as it is usually me helping others. Recently, my family and friends have started multiple fundraisers for me out of the goodness of their heart. I don't request these things, but it's their way of helping. Needless to say, the response is overwhelming. I do contemplate and stress how I can ever repay all these people. I've been told by many that it is not expected ... people want to help. I understand this as if the shoe was on the other foot, then I would be there helping as much as I can. Most recently, my family and friends are organizing a fundraiser in West Virginia on May 18th. I literally cannot wrap my head around the number of people that have asked to help or have bought tickets to attend the event. We have literally sold 400 tickets at this point. We only started spreading the word last weekend! I am beside myself ... 400 tickets all because of me? It's crazy. I could go on and on and on and on ... thanking everyone personally. Besides doing that and boring everyone to tears, I want to say...

Thank you to each and every one of you that has been there for me throughout my journey. Whether it be prayers, a meal, an ear, a post, a phone call, an uplifting moment, assistance with a fundraiser, a monetary donation ... just being there. I am utterly and truly grateful. 

On that note, good night and much love to all.

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