Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chemo #4

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to provide an update on chemo #4, which was today.

Everything went fine and according to plan. My blood work was good, but my white blood count was up a little, which was probably due to my sinus infection. The nurse was not concerned and I was still able to receive treatment. 

Regarding side effects, I have not experienced anything as of yet and pray this continues.

Tomorrow, as usual, I go for my Neulasta shot and next week I see Dr. Heyer so he can check progress on the tumor. I have had a few people feel the lump and they confirm there is a difference over the past few weeks. At this point, you need to press directly into the breast from the front and into the back chest wall to feel anything. (Kwiatek and Mom just about smacked me when I was pulling and tugging to feel what is left of the lump.) Kwiatek did explain that what I am now feeling could be scar tissue from the tumor, lung and lymph node biopsies, which we feel along with normal breast tissue, etc. In any event, it's quite small in comparison to the size of the initial tumor.

Next week, I pray for another wonderful appointment with Dr. Heyer containing great and promising news.

Today, I received my schedule for the remaining two chemo treatments. The last one will be Wednesday, May 23 and then I will have another PET Scan, so he can re-stage me. I will then meet with my breast surgeon, Dr. Chiantella, to get her opinion on next steps. I still need to find a plastic surgeon and radiation oncologist. However, I am going to ask Dr. Heyer and Dr. Chiantella their opinions and/or references. I will then of course, research, research, research. :)

Thank you for the continued support and prayers.

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