Monday, January 30, 2012

PETscan Results

Here's what we know... (written by Jen Kwiatek)

The PETscan results came back indicating that there are four lower lung nodules that have cancer in them. It has spread and is now classified at Stage 4.

The largest nodule is 1cm and the next largest is 8mm. The other two are even smaller. There are two in one lung and two in the other. They could biopsy them to make sure they aren't a secondary (another type) cancer, but they run the risk of puncturing the lung. So, they are assuming this is part of the primary breast cancer that has now spread into the lung.

They are going to continue with the mediport surgery today at 1:30pm. Jenn will continue with the previously outlined chemotherapy on Wednesday. No plans have changed at this point.

This is not the best news, but it's also not the worst. There is no reason to assume the chemotherapy won't kill the cancer.

Jenn will be in surgery and then on painkillers, so she will not be in the right mindset to speak via phone. If you want to talk with me or need additional information, please email or call. My information can be found below:

mobile: 703-999-3769


  1. Please let her know she is in my prayers!! Give her a kiss from me!

    Eileen Schwanke

  2. Give Jenn a big hug and kiss from me and that we are thinking and praying for her.

  3. we are all praying for complete healing. we love and know that God loves her too.... monte

  4. sending good vibes, prayers and love her way -

  5. Thanks for the update. Can you please pass this along. Jen stay strong and try your best to remain positive. Think about Camilla and all the adorable things she does. Also a friend of mine just finished up with chemo she swore by watermelon jolly ranchers to ward off the nausea. Worth a shot right! Love you.

  6. Philip Voshell Jr.January 31, 2012 at 6:44 AM

    Jen, I am sorry to hear the latest news about your friend. She is very lucky to have the support of you and others during her ordeal. Hope things go well for her. You guys are too young to be fighting such terrible life problems.