Wednesday, February 8, 2012

UPDATE: Chemo #1

Our little Lara Croft is doing beautifully at her first chemotherapy this morning!!! She is surrounded by friends and family -- who all are reminiscing and keeping Jenn laughing with hysterical stories. She also has an amazingly uplifting playlist of music (eight hours total thanks to all of your suggestions). 

She is very comfortable and in a positive mindset. Today is the first day she has been able to take action in stopping this cancer in its tracks. It is very empowering for her. 

I will update everyone later today on how she is doing. But rest assured that she is well and in great hands.

UPDATE:  Jenn is home and resting comfortably. She feels great and having no issues. Hallelujah!!!


  1. I am so glad that today is over for her. I know she has to be a bit relieved that she could finally take action. My prayers continue.

  2. So glad Jenn is home & resting! Keep strong!

  3. Glad day one of fighting the big C is over and you are on now the road to recovery! We love our to do lists and project plans so I am sure you are crossing this day off of you to do list!!

    Only you would have slideshow of the first day of Chemo. Once you beat this you are certainly going to be an amazing inspiration for every person you choose to share this experience with. You have a truly amazing support system which continues to bring a tear to my eye and smile to my face. I just wish I was physically there too.

    Sending hugs your way (Lily sends some extra kisses too!) and look forward to chatting again very soon.

    Love, Sam

  4. Hallelujah!!! Thinking about you.


  5. Jenn~
    Day one is behind you. I am so thankful that Jen is with you on this journey. God bless you. You are constantly in my prayers and thoughts.

  6. Jenn, you are strong and will beat this! Prayers of strength and healing are with you.