Friday, February 3, 2012


(written by Jen Kwiatek)

Jenn went back to the hospital this morning for a scheduled x-ray so that her radiologist could check the status of the pneumothorax (collapsed lung) due to the needle biopsy of the left lung nodule done yesterday. The penumothorax has not resolved itself yet, but her radiologist is not terribly concerned. He asked that she come back on Monday for another x-ray to ensure that there is improvement. If there isn't then they will need to insert a tube into her lung to help her out a little. (All of this is normal.)

She is to go immediately to the ER if she experiences difficulty breathing, chest pains or begins coughing up blood clots. 

She is sore from all the poking and prodding, but this is the best I have seen her in weeks. Her spirits are high and despite everything she's been through she says she "feels good." She will be going to an acupuncturist at noon today and meeting with our mutual friend Kelli who is a yoga instructor prior to chemo on Wednesday to meditate and get her mind and body strong. I am absolutely in awe of Jenn. I always knew she was exceptional, but this ... this is divine.

She even told me that when all of this is done that she wants to start a program where she can go and sit with women who have no one else to accompany them to chemotherapy. She is already looking at ways she can pay it forward which just speaks to how amazing her character is. Despite what we are dealt with in life, we should all ask ourselves how we can do more and help others who may not have the same support system.

Jenn: "Kwiatek, we're gonna change the world."
Me: "I know we are, baby girl. I know we are."


  1. I follow your struggles and strength daily. Know that I am praying without ceasing!

  2. You both would be great mentors for the Survivors Offering Support (SOS) program. These volunteer survivors come to our infusion center at Georgetown to assist women, especially newly diagnosed. Contact Denise O'Neil, she is the coordinator (a survivor herself) and is wonderful!

  3. Jenn you have already started to change the world! We love you, your lovely friend and your family, we follow your blog and pray for you all the time.
    You both (Jennifers) are a true inspiration. Keep rockin!