Wednesday, February 29, 2012

UPDATE: Chemo #2

Hi Friends! Kwiatek here.

Just letting you know that our little Lara Croft kicked butt today at chemo #2. She is now a third of the way through her chemo schedule. She was excited about the rain this morning ... it has now rained for both of her chemo treatments and she LOVES rain, just like I do. (I know, we're weird.)

Her red blood count is slowly declining, which the nurse assured her is perfectly normal. She is around 3.something and the nurse said only if it drops to like .8 would they consider a blood transfusion. So, her blood work is good, just declining as expected. Jenn was initially alarmed as she mapped the decline over the past three blood tests, but was reassured by the nurse and content with the news.

She had no issues today, other than getting some of her pre-chemo medication confused. It's a lot of medicine to try and remember (steroid, nausea, allergy prevention, numbing cream, etc.), so she spent some time early on in her chemo session this morning analyzing her medication calendar and figuring out a better process. That's our Jenn ... gotta love her.

She is home resting comfortably and loves and appreciates all of you who have been continuing to send warm wishes and prayers. She is feeling the love and knows you are helping give her strength to fight and beat this cancer.


  1. Many prayers to you!

  2. I am so relieved she is doing so well. I am keeping her in Prayer Kwiatek as well as her beautiful baby girl, the rest of the family and all her friends, you too!!!